Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Project EIGHT: Blender Paper

Finished product: 8 pieces of orange and white chunky paper.

Finally!! The day has come! Today, I have made paper! Well, so far only three pieces. This was a fun and easy project, I would encourage ANYONE to try. Because I can never settle for the easy steps first, I went full force and created colored paper with flower petals imbedded into it. Here, you can see a little bit of the process. I will post the final outcomes once they have fully dried (probably tomorrow).

To make this paper:
I first stretched two pieces of window screen (overlapping so that the screen creates a moire pattern; I was afraid the screen openings would
be too large) over a wooden frame.
Then, I filled a dish bucket just about 2" with warm water.
I used my blender and filled it about 1/2 full with warm water.
I tore paper (I used magazine pages, white paper towels, and some fluorescent orange paper
I had laying around) into bite size pieces and placed into the blender- blending well.
Then I poured the pulp into my dish bucket/bin, floated my screen
under the pulp (made sure that the pulp was evenly distributed) and lifted the frame. I held it over the bucket and used a sponge to lightly press the water out of the paper from the top. I then turned the paper upside down on a towel (instructions tell you to use white felt, but I thought I'd just try the towel), and patted dry with a white flour sack towel. Now I will l
et them dry!

To add the flowers (instructions say to press flowers overnight, but I just used my fresh flowers that were handy- this may be a problem later, we shall see!):
I placed flower petals onto the paper while it is still floating in the frame in the bucket/bin. Then I gently tried placing some more pulp on

top of the flowers (to make sure they stay in place) or I also tried floating the paper more in the water,
and gently GENTLY pressing the petals in towards the pulp. Then you sponge the paper as above.

NOTE: When cleaning up, make sure that any extra pulp goes into the GARBAGE- not down your sink. Can you imagine the mess in your pipes?? EEK!

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