Friday, January 22, 2010

Project ELEVEN: CheeZy Origami

As a quick interim project, I have attempted the art of paper folding- Origami! I call it cheesy only because of what came out of my attempts look a bit cheesy. I have to admit that I haven't really done much origami in my life- except for the occasional paper plane, or classroom "football" (which some of you may remember as a good way to get a detention...).

Here, I have made an origami giraffe, a crane, a goldfish, a frog, and a grasshopper. Check out this site:
This is where I found some ideas, and their instructions are great. If you get confused by a step or two (as I did when the folding became more complicated), they have an excellent "animation" option which basically animates the steps (and you can pause, forward, or back). I also used paper I had laying around (as usual), which is great for the pocketbook, but not so great for tough folding techniques. I would imagine a lighter weight paper would be ideal for these techniques, since the heavier paper gets almost impossible to fold or crease the more folds it is holding.

Who knows? Maybe I'll make an origami grasshopper mobile!

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