Thursday, January 28, 2010

Project FIFTEEN: Nursery Rhyme Collage (aka Piggy Book)

Today I worked on the nursery rhyme collage part of the book. I used the materials I had gathered yesterday, cut out images, typed up the text, and planned my attack. Sort of. I realized that I no longer had any more of glue stick left, so I had to run out to Jewel to pick up some glue- I used Elmer's glue that now comes in a CLEAR glue. The downfall? The "sticking" time seemed to take forever, and my papers warped with the moisture. Thank goodness
for paperclips, since they seemed to be my saving grace on this project. I often needed them to hold something in place while the glue dried, as I moved on to arranging more pieces. Very handy! Like I mentioned before, I would have like to have more of a range of images to work from- perhaps next time I'll take a trip to the library and scan, scan, and xerox! I also got to thinking about these nursery rhymes, and since they tend to be a bit odd, I think these would be a great place to explore social
commentary, or play on the words with today's more modern images, issues, and concerns. I found that I started putting images together that made me think about them in a different way other than the interpretation of the rhyme I always imagined as a child. Another area of interest for me was found while I was typing up
the text. I had a fun time playing with the fonts and the sizes of these words, to play on meaning and emphasis. I actually think this would make a fun class project. You could easily do this type of collage (probably just one piece of art, not a whole book) with photoshop and illustrator, as well. It's fun practice with text meaning, image meaning, mixed media, and/or computer skills. This is definitely something I will pursue more later (so don't be surprised if it pops up again!).

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