Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project FOUR: Cat on a Wire

As my day ran away with errands and appointments, my originally planned activity didn't happen. I will definitely be working on it tomorrow, however... so stay tuned, folks! Tomorrow I plan on making homemade paper! Oooooo, ahhhhhh!

Another activity that I have been planning is to sculpt with wire. I have limited experience with this, so I decided to grab some floral wire I had laying around and create a simple 2D "line drawing" using my Lino-Cat print for inspiration.

This practice was very inexpensive, since everything I already had in the house. I used floral wire, a nipping pliers, a needle nose pliers, and a flat pliers to aid in bending, crimping, and cutting the wire. I'm sure this cat is not so impressive, but it was definitely good practice to get back into the game. In future posts, I'll be sure to practice this technique more, including 3D wire sculpture. I'll probably purchase some heavier wire- while the floral wire was very easy to manipulate, it was almost TOO easy. One slip up and there goes the entire form! OOPS!

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