Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project SIX: LinoPrint II

Okay, don't be upset. I know all of you out there were really yearning for my homemade paper. Unfortunately, you'll have to keep your pants on for a little bit longer. Fortunately, my lovely husband has offered to make me a frame at work over which I can then stretch my paper pulp screen. I had tried to use an old picture frame, but it was too big for my pulp bin. So, short story long, paper will be a project for TUESDAY.
(*Also, this is a post for Friday's project)

In the meantime, I decided to practice some more with the linocut print. I used the same materials as before (with the cat print), and this time used a photograph that I took last year as my inspiration.
I think that I will focus on multicolored prints for the next prints

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