Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project THIRTEEN: Accordion Taiwan

I do have some projects up my sleeves that I'm very excited about, however... I'm waiting on some supplies. On a side note, I tend to be very ambitious, sometimes too much so for my own good, and while I am still feeling positive about this experience and the future of the Art-a-Day Projects, I probably should have given myself about a week of preparation time prior to starting the blog. For example, I probably should have come up with a list of projects (which I did), and get as many materials as possible for X amount of projects. Instead, I've been going through each project by about 3pm, then spending time until about 5pm or later conceiving the next day's plan of attack. This is sometimes fun, and sometimes... not so fun. I am finding it good to make myself fulfill a project a day, however, sometimes the pressure of doing something EXCITING and NEW and BLOG-WORTHY is a bit much! I hope you're enjoying what I've been working on so far, and I'm looking forward to more.

That being said, here is today's project: Accordion Taiwan. I've pulled out my bookmaking skills and supplies for yet another day of making a book. My husband took the photo on his last trip to Taiwan (for work) with his i-phone. I have to say, I love the photos he's been
taking using the toy camera "app." It amazes me how once seen as a more primitive form of photography, has become so popular in the digital and art world now. Brian also loved this photo, so I decided to make him a present (I guess the surprise is busted once he reads this) that he could put on his desk at work. It's small and portable... and gave me some extra practice with accordion books, using bookcloth, and ribbon ties. I once again used my glue stick, since that was what was handy... and it worked better this time than previous. I wanted to write a little something on each page, below the photograph... or perhaps I can come up with something to write on the back of the pages (since it ties both in the front and back, the book can be used reversibly- that's the fun about accordions!). What do you think?

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