Monday, January 25, 2010

Project TWELVE: Small Lino-cuts Alphabet

Today I've been working on some small lino-cuts, as well as some letters of the alphabet. I'm
hoping to get some good practice with finer cutting. My intention with these is to then paint them in when they are dry. Since I'm not used to working so small, these are a bit difficult for me.

Again, I am using the same materials as before. The toughest part of these small prints is that the Soft Kut "lino" pieces are so soft, that it makes it difficult for tight corners and detailed cuts- the material kind of bends with your cut. Also, I didn't leave a border around the letters because I wanted to use them interchangeably, however, that creates a bit of a mess when printing since the paper wants to conform around the letters, printing even some of the cuts outside of the image. For the small images (no letters) I will leave a nice border around them making it easier to print, and a more contained image.
After completing the "colored in" version, I'd have to say... I think I like making prints just as they are... prints. I think that for this coloring book style- which I do like- I'm better off just drawing it in ink and painting it in. The benefit to having it be prints is to make multiples, but I can easily transfer a drawing multiple times, even faster than it took me to print these, and I'd be more easily able to control the quality. So, for printmaking... I'll stick to the previous types of prints. I AM enjoying the learning process...

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