Monday, February 8, 2010

Project NINETEEN: Scarf Series

First of all, THANK YOU! Thank you for enjoying my previously made pieces while I had to take a few days to recoup and restore. And thank you for allowing me those few days. PHEW! Glad that's now over- on to making more art!

Here are two scarves that I crocheted in a series using the
same type of yarn, while experimenting with pattern. Because I don't know a whole lot about crocheting, except for the basic stitches, I have improvised with some ideas to branch out of the usual suspects. This first scarf is asymmetrical, utilizing the tassels on one end to keep the color about the same length. I thought this might be interesting in exploring asymmetry- though I'm not sure I went "far enough" with that idea. It looks a little timid, and perhaps not noticeable enough. On the
second scarf, I approached the idea of crocheting shells on the outside of the scarf so that they stick out. These shell add-ons are more noticeable in person,
however, when the scarf is being worn, the shells fill out with a little extra fluff for added function. I'm not sure I like the cream colored banding I did along the edges- perhaps THAT is too much, in an attempt to unify the scarf as a whole. I had been using yarn I already purchased a while back, so this was a cost free project, and fun to explore a few other avenues. I'd like to think of more ideas on how to incorporate crocheting into other art forms. This Wednesday, I am taking a jewelry class in which I will learn how to crochet with jewelry (using wire and the crochet hooks)- should be interesting! I'll be posting that project on Thursday, I believe, so stay tuned!

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