Thursday, February 4, 2010

Project TAKEABREAK: A Few Completed Projects

To subside any of your needs to view created artwork while I'm on my short few day hiatus, I've posted a few projects I completed in late December which inspired my Project Art-A-Day.
(I hope this some-what makes up for yesterday, today, and tomorrow?)

This first set of images I worked on as Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews (on my husband's side). I Photoshopped (and incorporated Illustrator) to collage for a unique print for each child. I tried mainly to use fabric textures as a basis for my images.

Next, I used Photoshop and Illustrator, again, to create a one-of-a-kind movie cover for my brother-in-law, Clark.

And lastly, I used photoshop to create a personalized In/Out board for my mom, who is a Radiation Therapist. The patients adore her, and when she's not at work, they always ask where she is-- so a temporary In/Out post-it was placed up by the other staff. I decided she needed a more permanent, fun board. I used foam core to create the pieces, and my husband helped drill and attach her rotating arm.


  1. I love the posters you did for your nieces and nephews. I think that first one, Susanna Belle, could be the start of a children's book for you! It seriously looks like a cover of a book. Another project to add to your already huge list of projects!!

  2. "Susanna Belle could never tell which way was up or down... she moved over here and over there and all around the town..." I have thought of w
    writing a book for Susy, too!!! Your art is hanging in her room and we wave 'good morning' to the elephant each morning!
    Love our Aunt Janet! ~ Susanna's Mom