Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project TWENTY-FIVE: Spacial Translation

Prior to starting this blog and the whole Project Art-A-Day, I had planned on developing my photography. Without going into a long tangent, which I'm always happy to elaborate and discuss, here's a tidbit of background info for this piece I'm working on: I was planning on using a 4x5 large format camera to play with tilts and shifts in order to achieve a translation of, or interpretation from my paintings. In my paintings, I have been very interested in investigating focus; specifically forefront v. background. I am also drawn to the markings with my brush which create this landscape type feel- some people say they look like cityscapes, some people see a heart EKG monitor type pattern. For the past 8 months, I had been thinking about this translation into photography. I've been very interested in the large format camera, and I seem to be drawn specifically to these high tension towers (is that what they are called?).

Unfortunately, I'm unable to pursue this avenue (because of the dark room chemicals- I'm such a manual freak... I love the process of a wet lab! Which is a whole other rant for another day...).
So, I've decided to play around with Photoshop ONCE AGAIN, and actually work to manipulate some digital photos I had taken of the tension towers. Again, I'm fairly pleased with the result for this first piece. Here, I've worked with multiple layers and blur filters to create this work. While my intention is not to "replicate" my paintings into photography- I'm more interested in a relation between the two media. I plan on working with these some more to create a series of the Spacial Translation. What do you think so far?

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