Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project TWENTY-FOUR: Experimenting with Crocheted Jewelry

YOU asked for it! So, here it is! More crocheted jewelry!

Today (Monday), I experimented some more with crocheted necklaces. I incorporated some of my newly bought beads and decided to try out the addition of some larger stones I've had for a while. I know, my mom would say, "Are you SURE you know what you're doing??" She likes to say that when it comes to me and jewelry. Most of the time, I am not entirely sure,
but hey, isn't that part of the fun of it? What's the worse that can happen? I waste a little wire? CHA-
CHING! Yes, mistakes do add up- but a little wire
isn't too bad. This time, however, I feel like it was a success! I tightened up my chain loops, and made fewer to begin with (empty chains on each end, without beads), and the necklace seemed to turn out to be the PERFECT length! At least the perfect length that I love. Since I have a long neck, I tend to like the necklaces that lay right on base of my neck. I forgot to mention it in my previous post, but I did have to go back and
unweave the ends of that necklace because it turned out WAY too long. Here are some photos of the newest necklace, as well as what it may look like when YOU wear it. (I've also updated a few photos on the previous necklace, so you can get an idea of what it looks like on someone- so go back and check them out if you're interested.) Again, I tend to like a more vintage look, but I think the addition of the stones really modernizes this necklace and makes it more wearable- dresses up or down.

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