Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Project TWENTY-ONE: Hannah Hoch Tribute

Using Photoshop over the past few months, and most recently revamped, I created a few examples of what I like to call a Hannah Hoch (a famous Dada artist) Tribute. This type of collage (or photomontage) is most appealing to me, as an artist, because of the disjointed and choppy nature of the images used. What's great about using Photoshop for this style, is that you don't need to make photocopies of images to duplicate repetitive images, or cut up images you'd like to keep in their original form. These two pieces I started a while ago, but just pulled out again to rework and refresh on some of my Photoshop techniques. Both of these pieces address Femininity and society's relationship and view of women (or perhaps how we women view women or other women).

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