Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project THIRTY-THREE: Egyptian Coptic

Pulling out my bookbinding supplies again, I've been working on remembering how to bind a book using the Egyptian Coptic stitch. This is one of my FAVORITE types of books. I love how the spine is exposed to see the stitching, how the book pages lay flat when the book is open, and of course, I love the stitching seen through the front/back covers. It's a heartier book, in my opinion, because you have a "double ply" cardbook for the covers. This type of book takes a little more time, though, for drying of the covers. You really need weights to keep the cardboard flat, overnight. With these two books, I used bookcloth for the covers, and decorative paper for the inside of the covers. It'll be the day when I don't have to worry about lint or cat hair... so once these are dry, you can take a damp cloth and run that over the bookcloth to get rid of that extra cling-on lint. These types of books make excellent journals. I'll be using the "Comments" book for my art shows!

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