Monday, March 1, 2010

Project THIRTY-TWO: Wire-Wrapped Earrings

Yet another jewelry project- practice, practice, practice! Here are a few examples of a simple wire-wrapped earring. It's pretty easy, and quick- but gives excellent practice working with wire and simple fundamental techniques.

The lime earrings were probably the easiest since they are flat- so the wire easily bent around the stone.
The square turquoise were tricky since they are not a perfect cube. You really need to "force" the wire to "live" where you want it to be. Lastly, I used the artistic wire to wrap the white stone (to match the crocheted necklace previously posted). I would probably use a thicker gauge artistic wire for this wrapping in the future... it's a bit delicate and doesn't hold it's shape well. On the turquoise cubes and the white stone, I made my own earring hooks using 20 gauge (non tarnishing) silver wire.

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