Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lesson 5: Lino Prints and Illuminated Letters

Intermediate Drawing and Painting, grades 9-10

This project was a short "unit" on Block Printmaking. The students first practiced cutting and
printing with very small pieces of old linoleum blocks. Then, they were to draw a letter using decorative linework or a creative/narrative scene based on their letter. They then transfer these to their blocks, and carve. Once carved, the students would print a practice print, then 3 prints each. Their best print, they would then "Illuminate" using a medium of their choice to create emphasis on their letter. Students were assessed on their carving quality, their printing quality, their illumination quality, as well as their design to create unified, balanced piece that emphasized their letter.

When creating this lesson, I had high hopes. However, due to time constraints, I don't feel that the students really took their time with this project. Much of the printing quality was below par simply because I feel that they rushed the process. If I felt under time pressure next time around, I would let the project linger on longer, overlapping another project and keeping the students in groups to print. Their blocks were also larger than I would have used in this time constraint. Good to know for next time! (Their small practice prints came out much better, and I hope to have photos of those to post!)

Regardless, students had about 5 days to draw, print, and illuminate. Here's what they came up with!

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