Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lesson 8: Coloring Books

Computer Art: Grades 9-12

Thanks to the previous Hannah Hoch Photomontage project, students already had
become familiar with using the pen tool to create paths in Photoshop. So, transitioning into Illustrator was fairly easy for these students! In this project, the students applied their skills with the pen tool to create closed paths to create a class coloring book. In each class, we brainstormed topics, then voted as a class. Students then chose a specific page of their own, signing up so there were no repeats. As you can see, we had a class that chose monsters, one that chose movies, and one that chose super heroes and villains. After an intense project on Socially Relevant topics, the class was pretty happy to be choosing something fun and silly. They learned how to divide paths, reflect and rotate, as well as learning about fill and stroke. We worked as a class for 2 days to draw and fill an illustrated Lion (for Lyons Township!) before the kids were set free to work on their coloring book pages. Requirements included having a background of some sort, using at least 3 different stroke weights, and a filled and no filled page.

Here are just a FEW- I'll post more later! Enjoy.

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