Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project TWENTY-THREE: Hannah Hoch Tribute- Rearranged!


Yes, this is an early post for tomorrow's project, which I completed today since I will be spending the day tomorrow observing and working with high school students, in preparation for my upcoming student teaching in March. I didn't want to leave you hanging, so here it is!

Today I worked with one of my Hannah Hoch Tribute pieces and rearranged and rephotoshopped elements to create a new piece. This piece seems to address a similar theme as the others, due to the nature of the elements, but perhaps speaks a different story due to the arrangement. I think it's fairly successful, though I have been playing around with hue, saturation, and brightness/contrast quite a bit on this piece. I love the idea of working with the same images, but creating new pieces of artwork. It's really amazing to see the various ways images can be used to send similar or very different messages, isn't it?

Project TWENTY-TWO: Crocheted Jewelry

Last night I attended a jewelry class with my mom. Really, she picked it up a while ago (learning the basics of jewelry making) and then imparted tidbits of knowledge onto me. Which, in turn, sparked my interest in making jewelry. I've been mostly working with jewelry based on the fundamentals she taught me, then from picking up pieces here and there from
other people or books or the internet. If you've ever ventured into this crazy world of
jewelry making, you'll find that there is an
overwhelming amount of supplies with a myriad of names and slang terms. It's easy to drown in catalogs and online sources if you've never really been taught the lingo. So, of course, when my mom mentioned that we should take a few classes together, I was pretty excited to do so. Which brings us to crocheted jewelry.

Luckily for us, we were the only people signed up for the class, and therefore had all the
attention we needed, or wanted, to create our new masterpieces. We spent a while trying to DECIDE on which beads to coordinate and what color wire to use, and of course, which
toggle will look best. I finally decided on a more vintage look, which is what I am always
more drawn to, anyway. Call it safe, but I figured I better concentrate on the technique, not on if I'm happy with my color scheme once all the labor was put into the piece. Here, you can see the final product. We used crochet hooks to chain stitch the beads onto several strands, then braided them all together to get this excellent organic piece. I'm in LOVE with
this elegant result!
Of course, I bought more beads and supplies to make more of these necklaces (or bracelets),
and am also planning on taking more classes with this store (2 Bead or Knot 2 Bead up in Grayslake)! All in all, this project took us about an hour and a half, give or take, for our first try.
Needless to say, this wasn't the cheapest of my projects. Oh well, sometimes we need to spend a little more to get a little more, right? That's right- I'll keep telling myself that...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Project TWENTY-ONE: Hannah Hoch Tribute

Using Photoshop over the past few months, and most recently revamped, I created a few examples of what I like to call a Hannah Hoch (a famous Dada artist) Tribute. This type of collage (or photomontage) is most appealing to me, as an artist, because of the disjointed and choppy nature of the images used. What's great about using Photoshop for this style, is that you don't need to make photocopies of images to duplicate repetitive images, or cut up images you'd like to keep in their original form. These two pieces I started a while ago, but just pulled out again to rework and refresh on some of my Photoshop techniques. Both of these pieces address Femininity and society's relationship and view of women (or perhaps how we women view women or other women).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Project TWENTY: Refurbing the Jewelry

Because I'll be working on a new jewelry technique tomorrow night, I thought it would be a good idea to pull out my jewelry supplies, refresh myself with what supplies I DO have, and work on a new piece. I found a necklace that I made when I first started making jewelry, and boy, did it need help! So I took it apart and started anew.

Here is what I've ended up with: an asymmetrical necklace with a wire wrapped pendant.
Practicing with wire wrapping did frustrate me. I think it would be best for me to take a class in that to regain my skills. This proved to be a tedious task today and by the end, I was glad I finished, and pretty happy with the overall results. I'm excited for my class tomorrow night and to try something NEW!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Project NINETEEN: Scarf Series

First of all, THANK YOU! Thank you for enjoying my previously made pieces while I had to take a few days to recoup and restore. And thank you for allowing me those few days. PHEW! Glad that's now over- on to making more art!

Here are two scarves that I crocheted in a series using the
same type of yarn, while experimenting with pattern. Because I don't know a whole lot about crocheting, except for the basic stitches, I have improvised with some ideas to branch out of the usual suspects. This first scarf is asymmetrical, utilizing the tassels on one end to keep the color about the same length. I thought this might be interesting in exploring asymmetry- though I'm not sure I went "far enough" with that idea. It looks a little timid, and perhaps not noticeable enough. On the
second scarf, I approached the idea of crocheting shells on the outside of the scarf so that they stick out. These shell add-ons are more noticeable in person,
however, when the scarf is being worn, the shells fill out with a little extra fluff for added function. I'm not sure I like the cream colored banding I did along the edges- perhaps THAT is too much, in an attempt to unify the scarf as a whole. I had been using yarn I already purchased a while back, so this was a cost free project, and fun to explore a few other avenues. I'd like to think of more ideas on how to incorporate crocheting into other art forms. This Wednesday, I am taking a jewelry class in which I will learn how to crochet with jewelry (using wire and the crochet hooks)- should be interesting! I'll be posting that project on Thursday, I believe, so stay tuned!