Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Project THIRTY: Crocheting with Home-Spun Pasti-Yarn

I worked this morning to spin more of the Plasti-Yarn; just enough to try to crochet "something." If I had to spin enough for a scarf, I'd be sitting in front of the TV all day long! So, as impatient as I get, I cut up four more bags, and spun away for about 2 more hours. Then, in about ten minutes, I crocheted a small piece, which kind of looks like a pot-holder. However, I would not advise using this as a pot-holder since it's plastic and would likely melt immediately.
The yarn was a bit stiff since I used the wax, which is not nice when stitching, but IS nice
when working out the completed piece because it stretches and then holds its shape pretty well. Also, my yarn was very inconsistent in size (thin and fat in various areas) which makes for an interesting texture, but not so much for a consistent looking stitch. Also, some of my splices between bag strips were a little weak (only 2, actually) and had to be re-spun/twisted.

If I knew how to make a basket, this might be a neat material to use because it's water
resistant and fairly strong... and besides, it's recycled! I've also seen that people knit with this and make things like small rugs, baskets, and room dividers. I'm interested in trying this with newspaper, but maybe when I have more time on my hands to sit for hours on end.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Project TWENTY-NINE: Home-Spun Plasti-Yarn

While searching the 'net for "projects you can make with yarn," I came across this neat site that has ways to recycle. One project was spinning yarn out of newspapers. I liked this idea! Though, I should probably raid our condo's newspaper bin for all those unwanted "deals" papers we get so frequently, I decided to try using a different material that we also have in abundance. That's right- not only are those plastic grocery bags great for cleaning out the litter box. You can also spin yarn out of it!

I first cut the bags into 1" strips, twisted the pieces, then spliced each strip together as I spun the plastic into a yarn. I took some advice from one person who commented on that site, and used wax on my fingers to help the plastic grip itself until it was tightly spun. The wax was a great tip. This is a great (and VERY cheap) project to work on while you're watchin' the Olympics, or just a good movie. It takes little concentration, and just a constant fleeting look down at your progress, as you stretch and twist
the plastic. I'm sure this would be a much
prettier yarn if I had used more colorful plastic bags. Also, I will definitely try the newspaper.
This small spool of yarn took me about an hour and a half, and about 3-4 grocery bags. It IS a bit time consuming to create enough yarn to really knit or crochet anything out of it. I will keep working on this spool, and when it's big enough, I'll make something out of it for you all to see!