Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lesson 3: Scratchboard

Intermediate Drawing and Painting: Grades 9-10

I started to teach Intermediate Drawing and Painting a little over a week ago. My projects start with scratchboard! I don't have a huge amount of experience with this medium, and it always brings back memories of using crayon or cray-pa in grade-school and scratching away with a toothpick! I decided to give the students 2 projects in this medium: Scratch 'N' Klimt, and Board Animals.

Scratch 'N' Klimt is based off of a lesson plan
I found on Incredible Art web page and loved the end result.
I used this one as an introduction to the scratchboard, using graphic, flattened designs and patterns in the Art Nouveau style to help the students get used to the scratchboard and tools
while exploring this art movement
that they were not familiar. I started out doing this project with
scratch paper that was multi-colored underneath... however, the
scratch tools were way too "powerful" for this delicate paper. I am NOT a fan of this paper. So instead, I found a bunch of leftover pieces of silver scratchboard. This has worked out great, and instead of calling it Klimt's Gold Phase, we call it our "Silver Phase!" These pieces are about 8.5"x 5.5".

The second project is the Board (or Bored) Animals. This project was
based off of a project usually done by my cooperating teacher, and clearly lends itself to the various tools you can use to create the 3D
forms and furry textures. Students were reminded of their recent pen and ink project in which they explored cross hatching and other marking textures (like stippling, etc) to create a range of tonality. The scratchboard that was purchased is Ampersand Scratchbord 8"x 10", and it's so sturdy (with a masonite backing) that the students are having a lot of ease working with it. I'm very pleased with the progress of both of these projects this week. We'll be having a critique of both on this Monday!

Check out the AWESOME artwork my students created!

Lesson 2: Carnival Sidewhow

Stay tuned!