Thursday, February 3, 2011

Digital Segmentation

After spending a lot of time last semester really focusing on the technical aspects of traditional photography, my students (and I) are really looking forward to exploring more conceptual and artistic styles of photography. Currently, they are working on the following projects:


-Digital Segmentation

-Handmade Negative (Pointillism)
-Shooting Assignment: Natural Framing

-Sandwich Negatives

-Digital Handcoloring

Phew! That's a lot, I know. Really, we bounce back and forth with projects, and since I teach at two schools each day, they are working on slightly different projects.

In this project, Digital Segmentation, I am introducing the concept behind this artistic technique, in which you literally segment a photograph! This effect really elongates the image and introduces repetition. The students first take a photograph that they have taken and made a print of in the traditional lab. They may choose any print they made last semester, or they had the option to make a new print. Once they scan in the image, we open up a new canvas in Photoshop that is 3 times longer (if portrait) or wider (if landscape) than the original image. Then they carefully use the marquee selection tool to select 1/2" bands of the original image to copy and paste into the new canvas (3 times for each strip). This simple segmentation doesn't take long at all. From here, however, I teach the students how to create different variations of the project, and they get to choose which style they would like to explore.

Here are some examples of variations. Enjoy!

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