Thursday, February 3, 2011

Handmade Negative: Photography meets Pointillism!

I just started this project with my students at Maine South. It's a handed down project from a student teacher that was there previously, and I really liked the idea of combining photography with drawing. In this project, the students have made an 8"x10" print of their choice. They slip it into a plastic protective sleeve, and using sharpie, the students POINTILLIZE their photograph. This is a great study in value!

Now, I believe that the students would originally pointillize their sleeve so that it really was a true NEGATIVE of the image. I thought this might be very difficult for them to really grasp the execution of the drawing portion AND be able to interpret the actual values as opposite (for example, they would have to put very few dots where the image was actually black, and they would put a lot of dots where the image was very light in value). So, I suppose that our negative is actually a positive. Oh well!

Ultimately the students will make two prints from their negative. They will make a negative image and create a reversal to make a positive image.

Above you can see my Handmade Negative in process. I'll post the completed images as we get there. Enjoy.

To the left is my product from the HMN project. The students and I made our negative images, and then made reversal images to create our pointillized positives!

I will post some student examples shortly!

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