Monday, June 20, 2011

Lesson: Photo Flipbooks

Inspired by Edward Muybridge?
So was I...and so was our class.

Making FLIPBOOKS from your Contact Prints!

grades 9-12 (photo 1)

Ok, so it's not like you're going to cut up a bunch of your old contact prints and "WHALA- You have a flipbook!" But, it's almost just as fun. At the end of the year, for the students' FINAL shooting assignment, I had them create photo flipbooks thanks to the suggestion from my coworker/mentor Mary Lee Moore. Students focused (no pun intended) on simple, tiny movements, good focus, and perfect CONSISTENT exposure to create this effect. I found some fun basic digital versions of flipbooks on the web just by googling, however Melissa Lloyd found a great link to a really funky flipbook video that really stoked my students' creativity.

Have I piqued your interest now? That video certainly made ME excited! Basically, the students went out and shot their "scenes," developed their film, made really good (or as good as possible) contact prints, then cut those little photos up, glued them to individual 2" x 6" pieces of posterboard, taped the pages together at the end, and flip away!

Here are a few examples of what my students came up with. You will notice the following- some really simple but very successful flipbooks, some really creative flipbook examples, some really creative flipbook examples but poorly put together (poor layout on their indivdual 'pages', not anticipating drytime of glue which then made all the pages stick together or the little photos moved), some cool flipbooks but not the most consistent exposure or focus. Overall, I was pleased with their results and the kids had a really fun time making these... especially since it was their last assignment. (I even had one student get so into it, he made digital versions on his DSLR, printed out the photos which you will see in color below, and I counted it towards one of his portfolio pieces.)

Hmmm... I'm having difficulties posting the videos so I have posted them to my website:
(click on the link or copy/paste, then scroll down until you see "Flipbook Examples")

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