Thursday, December 29, 2011

TWO-kelele: Tagging a 2nd guitar

After completing my niece Piper's Ukelele for her 3rd birthday, I thought this would be such an excellent gift for my niece Susanna's 3rd birthday, as well!  My husband's brother-in-law, Dave, plays guitar and I really thought this would be a fun bonding experience for Dave and Susanna.  From what I've seen, Dave and Susanna don't need that bonding time at  all.  She has him wrapper around his finger!  What little girl doesn't have her daddy's heart? 

First, I purchased the little ukelele.  Picking a color proved more difficult this time.  If you remember from my previous post(s), the colors that these ukeleles come in are a bit dark or masculine really.  Brick red, forest green, navy blue, orange... and bubble gum pink!  I asked Brian's sister, Brooke, and the choice was between pink and red as Olivia is Susanna's favorite character (she was even Olivia for Halloween!).  

I went to the Old Town School of Music and picked out the pink little guitar.  Last time, I designed the back using Illustrator.  This time, I decided to just draw it out in pencil as I was more confident as to what the design would look like.  I transferred the design and inked it in. 

The great thing about making more than one is that I tend to add more to the 2nd or 3rd because of confidence.  You can see here how I decided to add to the front of the ukelele with an asymmetrical design similar to the symmetrical drawing on the back.  

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