Thursday, August 18, 2011

PROJECT UPDATE: Completing the Ukelele Tag!

I saw my sister the other day and at that time she told my niece, "Aunt Janet's going to take your guitar so she can decorate it.  She'll bring it back!"  And so, today I worked on actually tagging that little weensy guitar.  First of all, the ukelele was even tinier than I remembered, and also slightly different in shape/dimensions than I had planned out in Illustrator (but not too far off, surprisingly!).  So I did a little measuring and adjusted my design in Illustrator so that it would fit the eggplant shaped instrument.  I then printed out a copy of my design.  I used that age old technique to transfer my design by rubbing pencil (graphite) on the back of my design, then carefully placed the design (graphite to the face of the ukelele), and use a pencil to trace over the design.  The pressure from the tracing transfers the graphite to the surface of the ukelele and... WA-LA!  

I now have my lovely little design on the back of my ukelele.  
At this point, I changed my plans a little bit.  I originally thought I could use sign paint (like One Shot) to paint the image onto the guitar, but it's such a delicate tiny design!  So I decided to use an ultra fine point Sharpie (read:  PERMANENT!) to redraw the design.  I made sure to use a blank piece of paper over the penciled design so as not to smudge off the graphite with the side of my hand.  Even with the paper, the graphite rubbed a bit because of the slick lacquered surface of the guitar.  I played with my line weight to give some interest while preserving the delicate drawing.  I may still choose two or three bold colors to add to the decoration- just a dab here and there will really make the piece pop!  But... we shall see.  In the meantime, I just wiped the graphite off and I have a feasibly completed piece.