Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Picnik update: PICMONKEY!

Could it possibly be?  
A (literal) update to my beloved Picnik?
drum roll please...

Created by Picnik Engineers!!
Easy to use!!
Even better options!!
Sleeker design (though I do miss the cheese)



I'm so glad I publicly whined about the loss of Picnik, because several people have now clued me in to Picmonkey!  It's very simple, and if you are used to Picnik, it has many of the same (or most important) photographic (and artsy fartsy) tools that I love.  As mentioned in my previous moan, ( am pretty skilled in Photoshop, but Picmonkey has all the great one click effects that make this site quick and easy to get the look you want.  

Way to go Picnik!  You've won my endorsement yet again and even more so for going out on your own, again, and giving the people what they love!

Here is just one photo I used to play around with on picmonkey to check out the site.  

Raw photo on the left, Picmonkey version on the right.  

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