Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lesson: MARK MY WORDS! 1 Day Bookmark Trade

I realize that this may look very similar to the Book of Secrets project.  
Yeah, yeah, yeah, anyway! 

At the end of the year, I gave my students their final exam before the final date, so I had a 90 minute period during their final in which to give them some work.  I decided to have them create a bookmark for a classmate to hopefully encourage a little reading this summer.  As literacy is something we REALLY focus on in our school (and many schools), I thought this would be a fun little personalized attempt to push our agenda in the 11th hour.  :)  

The day before the "final," I explained the expectations to the students.  I also explained that this was their LAST LARGE PROJECT (ok, I know it's a one-day project, but they HAD to know there would be a lot of weight on it in order for some of them to stay motivated on the last day), so they better do a bang-up job!  Also, I tried to guilt them into doing it because, "You don't want someone else to do a crappy job on yours, so don't do it to them!"  Of course, some students still didn't care, but we all make choices.  I was, however, quite impressed by how many students really did put forth a lot of effort in the short amount of time that they had.  

You might be thinking, "Come on, a bookmark as a FINAL?"  This bookmark covered MULTIPLE aspects of our year in a timed 90 minutes.  Students had to create emphasis, use elements of design, could use any media they wanted, use a border, use text, and most importantly, they had to BRAINSTORM (think), PLAN (think), ORGANIZE (decide) a composition, and EXECUTE (create).  

Ok, so back to what I was saying- I started the day before by explaining the process.  I relate this project to something like an artist trading card, in which students (artists) create little pieces of artwork that they could then trade with other students (artists).  I had a powerpoint ready, but chose not to show it since it did not necessarily directly relate to the idea of bookmarks- sometimes students have a hard time translating a similar process into the expectations of the project. 
Next, students took a small blank piece of paper and wrote down the following:  You first and last name, 3 words that describe you or activities that you like to do (Only one word per!).  They folded the piece and dropped it into a bowl.  We then picked from the bowl.  (Actually, this only worked well in ONE of my classes; the other classes, I had them exchange with someone in the class of their choice.)  Students were to then design the bookmark using the information on the paper as inspiration.  They, however, HAD TO include a border, an inspirational word or quote about/related to reading, have artwork on both sides, and their name/initials on one side.  Students had that day to think, brainstorm, and plan their attack.

On the day of the final, students received materials to create.  I cut various sizes of tagboard (some were cutoffs from a previous project) and gave them the choice.  They could use magazines, markers, sharpies, crayons, color pencils, and of course glue.  At the end of class, they had to "submit" the bookmarks to me for a grade and then exchange their bookmarks.  Here are what some came up with:
(*Note:  I have included some with both front and back images, and some that are front/back only.)

Front A
Back A

Front B
Back B
Front C

Front D

Back D

Front E
Back E

Front F
Back F

Front G

Back G

Front H (Autistic Student with Aid)

Back H (Autistic Student with Aid)

Front I

Back I

Front J
Back J

Front K

Front L

Front M

Front N

Front O

Front P

Front Q

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