Monday, March 11, 2013

Valentine Kiddie Cards

This is a short little post about the last two year's Valentine's cards from Meara (my daughter) to her family and her friends.  I'm definitely not the best at remembering to give cards to people, nor do I claim to be that crafty mom who does it all when it comes to creative projects with my kids.  Sadly, these are few and far between.  But... we try when we can!  

Last year, I had Meara color all over pink, red, and blue papers using crayons.  Then I traced her hand, cut out multiples, as well as different size hearts from different color construction papers.  I used both the positive space and negative space to create little collaged valentines.  Used crayon to draw more hearts, and sharpie to write little messages.  Then, we tossed them into some little envelopes and mailed them (to family).  

Again, it would be nice to have different types of papers to make it fancy (gotta love more textures!), but I just grabbed what I have at home already.  I try to keep a pack of color construction paper, scissors, crayons, sharpie, markers, glue, etc. around for those last minute ideas.  (Believe me, rarely are these projects planned... )


 This year, I tried to be a little more clever with gifts for her buddies.  I hate the idea of giving more sugary candy (even though I'm always happy to be on the receiving end).  I found these little party sized play-doh(s?) and thought that would be a great idea for 2-3 year olds!  "Bee My Valentine" was the theme and Meara helped me color and glue the bees together.  I cut out little hearts for the wings and wrote little messages on them once glue together.  Meara LOVES gluing things, so she also helped add a dab of fabric glue (that glues almost everything... and being that we were gluing the color paper to the plastic playdoh containters...).  If I actually thought more ahead, I would have liked to put some googly eyes on the bees, and maybe some little antennae (but not sure what I would make those out of since these are pretty small).  Anyway, hope this inspires you... or if you have suggestions or ideas you'd like to share... I can also post them!  

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