Monday, July 7, 2014

Lesson: Photo Silhouettes (Traditional Meets Contemporary)

Credit: This was a joint effort (as pretty much all of the amazing stuff on here is) with my colleague.  This time, I credit Elizabeth Osborne for working together to create this really great culminating Photo 1 project.  

Summary:  Students create their own silhouettes inspired by victorian images as well as contemporary artists (such as Kara Walker) to combine traditional photographic techniques with contemporary. 

  1. Engage with a silhouette history PPT.  
  2. Students create a variety of "backgrounds" or small artworks to be used later when creating their silhouettes.  This includes Darkroom (texture photograms, enlargements, magazine prints, zentangle photograms), Digital (altered images using filters and adjustments, wallpaper patterns, etc), and traditional art techniques (magazine collage, zentangle drawings).  
  3. Students take digital profile photos and digital full body portraits, erase the background in Photoshop, use a variety of selection tools, and combine the layers.  

Here are some of the final projects!

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