Monday, February 2, 2015

Lesson: Contour Wire Sculptures

You know what?  I don't think I've ever had students applaud me after a demonstration.  But it happened.  It happened in both of my drawing classes this semester while demonstrating blind contour drawing.  I have the kids crowd around and I choose a student to draw.  While drawing, they are mes.mer.ized.  AND the kids want me to sign the artwork and keep it to hang on their walls at home.  Creepy?  Strange?  Whatever... I'll take it!
I'll be posting soon about my most recent contour project in drawing.  But for now, here are the wire contour sculptures I did with the Design Concepts class last semester.  The kids practiced continuous line contour drawing.  Then used a single wire to create the sculpture (as I think I posted previously about a similar project I taught at Kenwood Academy).  While some students were waiting to get wire cut for them, they used color pencils to emphasize their drawings through value.  Not the best, I'll admit.  I mean, I could have taken this further, and better, but for a small exercise, I think it was okay.  Here are the results (photos taken while grading at home...):

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