Monday, February 2, 2015

Lesson: Recipe for Contours

some for me... some for the littles.
Recipe for Change?  Recipe for Disaster?  Nope... recipe for CONTOUR DRAWINGS!  Yeah, yeah... I'm a nerd.  (Small tangent... during my most recent interview I was asked to provide three words my students would use to describe me and "CHEESY" was one.)  

Coming up with something a little different for my contour drawings I headed back on over to dear ol' Pinterest for some inspiration.  I found this artwork (the one with the pepper/oliveoil/garlic) that I added to my "Today's Agenda."  I thought... hey!  Great idea!  Let's combine some contour still life action with our special family recipe!!  So... that's what we are going to do.  

We first practiced contour drawing in our sketchbooks.  Blind continuous of our neighbors... then contour drawings of our shoes (yes, I think that's something that every drawing teacher has done, but they are so cool!) on 12" x 18" paper.  In that, they practiced contour drawing, overlapping objects, using compositional techniques, applying line weight.  During this week of practice, we continued warm-ups through blind contour.  We filled a two-page spread of our hands and the next day filled the negative space with stream of conscious writing, and some shading.  
My unfinished example of
our two day warm-ups.  
By the end of the week, students were to bring in a family recipe (which of course makes their artwork so much more personal... but not all students want to participate in that... so of course I keep a cook book handy just in case.)  By the following Monday, students are to bring in 3 food items or cooking tools to create a still life. From that, they practice like crazy in their sketchbooks... and then time for the real thing!  I have some colored paper for them to choose from, or they could create their own ground.  The decide how they want to compose their recipe and contour drawing.  Remember to go back and include a variety of line weight, and maybe some other refinements to their piece (like maybe some shading, or other drawings, or text art... and definitely erasing of extraneous pencil marks!).  

Here are MY examples... I'll post theirs when they are finished this week!

Took a quick snapshot of the mini "still life."

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