Monday, February 2, 2015

Lesson: Sketchbook Covers: I AM HERE

Lesson:  I AM HERE (Cartography Sketchbook Covers)

I suppose one of the benefits to having semester long classes is that I get to now double-up my sketchbook covers.  Hmmm... well, maybe that's a plus. Currently I am teaching Drawing 1 and I've always wanted to do a map project.  So here I go... a Cartography Cover: I AM HERE!  (A two and a half week project... actually about three thanks to cold weather days off...)

I started out the semester discussing how I wanted to utilize the sketchbooks in this class.  Instead of using it as a super organizing tool, I wanted the kids to feel as though it was their journal, their space, to think and create and write, and draw.  This was to be their visual journal.  

Assessment Rubric;
Reflection on the back-
students have to explain the
steps they took to creating their
artwork, describe one success,
one challenge, and one
thing they'd do differently. 
In the first week we started out talking about exploration of media and types of drawing.  They explored watercolors to create a variety of grounds in their sketchbooks.  Then, they chose a watercolor method to create the ground for their map.  We talked about a types of maps:  topographic, constellation, population, precipitation, brain maps.  SO MANY MAPS!  The students researched maps that interested them both for informational and visual purposes.  Once they created their grounds, students were to explore lines (geometric, organic, dashed, dotted, line weight, etc.) to create their maps.  Then, they developed their work using shading and inking techniques, while including imagery and lettering.  Students chose a silhouette to graphite transfer and cut, and found an interesting and contrasting background for their silhouette.  We talked about possibilities for their artwork and their front/back covers of their sketchbooks playing with positive and negative space.  Finally, they quiet critiqued (a form of a moveable written critique) their in progress work and refined.  When finished, the students self assessed and reflected.  We laminated their work with packing tape (again, with the tape!!).  
Back Cover using the Negative Space
My Front Cover Example...

Here are some of the students'  finished works:

Front Cover
Back Cover

Front Cover
Back Cover

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