Monday, February 2, 2015

Lesson: Texture Assemblages

Short and sweet... A 3 day texture project, and a one paragraph post.  

It's the end of the semester and I just didn't pace my semester as I had hoped or planned.  Yikes!  I'm so used to teaching full year classes, and if you run over the semester, that's okay!  Just tack it on to next semester!  WHOOPSIES!  While teaching Design Concepts, I pushed through to get through all of the Elements of Art while touching on the Principles along the way.  For the performance portion of the final assessment, I tossed some texture into the mix.  Students had to bring in objects they found in as they moved through their day.  A bit cliche, I realize, but sometimes you just gotta' go with it.  I gave them two class days before the final to prepare:  1 day to begin arranging their objects on a 6" cardboard I precut for each student; 1 day to begin gluing (I thought about hot gluing but that just seemed expensive and slightly disastrous with this group of kids... I went with white glue... which any time I can make my students slooooowwww dowwwwwn in life, I feel as though I've won a small battle.).  I also allowed them to cut up cardboard and use it to curl, peel, stack, stand up, etc. within their piece.  On the final day, students had to finish gluing and paint their piece white (with acrylic paint).  Below are what we ended up with- they look great as  a collaborative piece.  Another downside to teaching only semester classes is that you have to give back all the work!  I would have loved to keep these and put them up in our spring art show (school or district!).  Hmmm... I need to rethink that idea ("If you want your finished artwork, you have to come get it at the end of the school year?"  seems kinda' mean... no?)

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