Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lesson: Color Scheme Value Minis

I have to attach this to the previous post about textured monsters, specifically this one, because I plopped this little mini lesson right in the middle of that lesson.  We were ready to paint our monsters, but I HAD to teach the kiddos how to mix paint... and create tints and shades... and so here is what I did:

In the middle of it all, we started a new unit on color and value.  I gave the students a crash course on color theory (this is summa skool, member?  we have soooo little time):  we created a color wheel together, labeled primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.  Then wrote down some color schemes and labeled examples of those.  Then, students colored their monsters in their sketchbook using a variety of color schemes.  Once happy with the color choices, students learned how to mix acrylic paint to make a "sophisticated" color (i.e. not right outta' the tube).  I then showed students how to create tints and shades of that one color using white and black respectively.  Each time they mixed a new tint or shade, they plopped that into their notes and painted a square of paper I gave them.  Once all completed (white, black, 2 tints, 2 shades, and original sophisticated color), we let the squares dry.  

While waiting, students created 3 thumbnail sketches using ORGANIC or GEOMETRIC lines to create a 7 shape landscape.  They decided on one, then cut their paper and glued according to value (which was a fantastic transition into SPACE!).  We mounted onto white paper, and students had to embellish the border per value and color choices.  

(Below is my example with some example borders I made to help them start.)

Here are their little mini artworks!  (Yep, I credit Pinterest again for this little tidy idea:  perfect for middle school and excellent for HS mini project!)  Enjoy!

Interestingly enough, I just noticed how many purple and green landscapes happened... hmmm...

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