Creating, exploring, learning, experimenting, expanding. New ideas, old ideas, ideas somewhere in the middle: One piece of art a day, start to finish. 
(Bonus: Lesson plan ideas and examples for Art Educators!)

This blog began as a stupidly ambitious Masters project.  
At the end of my masters program at DePaul University, I needed to complete an independent project in which I would explore my own artwork more in depth.  I had originally planned to intensely develop my photography skills using a large format camera  to investigate my strange obsession with high-wire electricity thingamabobs.  I have always been interested in combining or relating photography with my oil paintings.  Earlier in my career, I started painting from vintage black and white photographs.  Shortly after, my paintings morphed into another realm of whimsical, sometimes creepy representations of people smooched onto glass, still playing between photography and painting.  

Several years later, I investigated color and had this uncontrollable urge to paint abstract lines that explored depth and depth perception.  Well, photography is often all about depth perception... or perception in general!  So, as I became more interested in darkroom photography and the long process that comes with that, I became fascinated to see how I could relate these somewhat cityscape paintings, to the tilts and shift that come along with a large format camera.  

What does that have to do with Project Art-a-Day??  
Everything.  Well, sort of.  In the midst of this decision, I became pregnant.  And, well, I decided that the health of my baby was more important than spending hours in a darkroom huffing and absorbing photo chemicals.  Now what?  I thought long and hard about what was most important at this juncture of my educational career.  "What can I do that will both benefit the development of my own artistic needs, as well a prepare me to be a really great art teacher?" 

Hence, here we are.  I decided to create this blog where I would NOT ONLY create one art project a day, BUT ALSO document the process, both success and failures and everything in between.  

My Mission. 
Okay, if you have been skimming through my blog, you will notice that I have (at this point) 80 some odd posts, but have been developing this blog for several years.  Obviously, I could not keep up with one artwork a day once I began teaching... and became a mother.  The mission of this site has changed along the way; the blog still stands as a place to document my works, the process, the progress, as well as a place to discuss successes and failures.  However, the site has also become a store of art lessons, a look at different materials, tools, and methods, as well as some general thoughts on art or creating art, and connections between art and daily life.  

My mission is for this to be a resource for other artists, art educators, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers- anyone who likes to create!  I hope that it has been and continues to be exactly this: a resource.  


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